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Specialist Services

Site Surveys

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with CREON UK should you have an issue with an installation, a particular product or just to discuss a future project where you feel site attendance is required for us to fully appreciate the issue at hand. This is a free of charge service, we’ll be only too pleased to attend site at a time to suit to assist in any way that we can.

Measure-Up Service

In many cases, access to existing joints to read identification plates, obtain measurements, details of flange connections, and associated bracketry that forms a crucial part of an items mechanical structure can be difficult and can lead to incorrect dimensions being provided to the manufacturer. CREON UK are on hand to attend site to undertake this procedure, this enables us to accurately record dimensions and design characteristics that will enable us to quote for either refurbishment or replacement and then on to manufacture should an order be placed, safe in thew knowledge that we have all the necessary information required.

Emergency Repair/Refurbishment

Particularly relevant to large, heavy, or complex expansion joints that incorporate structural steel components such as hinges, tie-rods, and gimbal rings, while there may be a failure within the flexible element of the joint, structural components as listed above along with heavy flanges and pipe sections are often in perfectly serviceable condition, save for the need of a good clean! Depending on the circumstances, it’s often worth considering refurbishment/repair of a failed joint as opposed to manufacturing a replacement.

Clearly not suitable for every situation, but there are often advantages to refurbishment, both commercial in not having to purchase new steelwork, flanges etc, but also in terms of availability in breakdown situations, as CREON UK can focus on dismantling and repair operations rather than having to wait for delivery of new items such as flanges, steelwork etc.

Ancillary Products

In support of our manufactured product range, CREON UK also provide complimentary items such as bespoke lagging jackets, jointing gaskets and fixings. In essence providing delivery of all the components necessary to assist in the installation of the supplied expansion joints without the need for our customers to source them elsewhere.

Bespoke, customised designs

The notion of there being a ‘standard product’ within our portfolio is always difficult when one considers the vast array of applications, sizes, service conditions and flange/pipe terminations that we are asked to provide, particularly when considering metallic expansion joints, fabric compensators and flexible hose assemblies. So, by their very nature, many of the products we manufacture could be considered bespoke.

Inevitably, there are some sizes and product configurations that are far more common than others, thus being as close to a standard product as we come, our range of moulded rubber bellows being the best example of this.

In summary, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry, no matter it’s nature. We carry vast amounts of membrane stocks and raw materials which enables us to provide a solution to just about any expansion joint related item, so we very much look forward to hearing from you to put us to the test!

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