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Specialist Expansion Joints

Thick-Wall, or Lens Type Expansion Joints

Thick-walled, deep convolution expansion joints are typically installed in high pressure applications in heavy industrial and process settings, classically positioned in high pressure steam lines, heat exchangers, and turbine crossover pipework. Manufactured with assembly welds at the convolution root and crest, these ultra-stable expansion joints can be manufactured in carbon and stainless-steel grades and offered with end-connections to suit the customers requirements.

Clam-Shell Expansion Joints

When circumstances dictate that an existing expansion joint cannot be removed and replaced due to restrictions with space or time, for example in heat exchangers and wall penetrations, a clam-shell expansion joint can offer a solution. Manufactured in a single piece but delivered to site in sections, assembly is carried out adjacent to the existing joint site, either ‘covering’ the existing joint with an oversized clam-shell expansion joint, or, installed once the joint to be replaced has been removed from the system. This option dramatically reduces costly down-time and disruption to the end-user.

Rectangular Expansion Joints  

Rectangular, or indeed square, metal expansion joints are commonly deployed to manage thermal expansion in relatively low-pressure ducting and exhaust systems in process, marine and a multitude of industrial applications. These joints can be manufactured with rounded ‘bath-tub’ corner profiles or with smooth ‘camera’ angle profiles, with options for single and multi-ply construction and as ‘single’ and ‘double’ joints depending on the application. Rectangular expansion joints can be supplied with drilled or plain flanged connections or with pipe-ends for welding into position at site.

PTFE Expansion Joints

PTFE Expansion Joints provide outstanding chemical resistance and are widely found in the chemical, process, pharmaceutical, and food production sectors. CREON UK holds a significant stock of 3 convolution PTFE expansion joints in various diameters.

  • Available from stock in both white PTFE and black PTFE for antistatic applications
  • External support rings in 304 stainless steel
  • Flanges in primer coated carbon steel and drilled to EN1092-1 PN10 rating
  • Limit bolts in 8.8 carbon steel

Also available on request

  • Short delivery time on joints with 2 or 5 convolutions
  • Outer support rings in Monel or Hastelloy C4
  • Flange connections to EN1092-1 PN15, ANSI/ASA 150#, BS, JIS
  • Flanges and limit bolts in stainless steel
  • Hinge assemblies
  • Vacuum support rings coated with PTFE/PFA
  • Dissimilar flange orientation
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Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty PTFE  Expansion Joints

  • White and black antistatic PTFE
  • 2, 3 and 10 convolution options
  • Anti-squirm bars and flanges for joints with 6 or more convolutions
  • Flanges drilled to EN1092–1, ANSI/ASA, BS, JIS with threaded holes
  • Carbon steel flanges with a high temperature coating (150 Degrees C) or in 304L/316L stainless steel
  • Tie-rods in 8.8 carbon steel or A2/A4 stainless steel
  • Outer support rings in 304 stainless steel or Monel, Hastelloy C4 on request

PTFE Lined Metal Expansion Joints

PTFE lined metal expansion joints provide a combination of outstanding chemical resistance with the combined pressure containment characteristics of metal expansion joints, and thus are utilised in applications that demand integrity at relatively high operating pressures.

CREON UK can provide these joints in multiple construction combinations, lengths, flange connections etc.

Further details are available on request, so please contact us with your enquiry.

Exhaust Insulation Lagging

Bespoke manufactured exhaust insulation lagging used in marine, power generation and industrial applications, suitable for high temperature diesel and gas engine exhaust pipe and tubing, off-road and reciprocating engine exhaust manifolds, main engine exhaust uptake, generator exhaust, flue gas exhaust and ducting. Size and shape configurations unlimited, site visits available for survey and measure-up purposes.

Sealing Gaskets

CREON UK can provide sealing gaskets with all our flanged joints.

  • Full face and raised face options for standard flange connections (EN1092-1 PN series, ANSI/ASA, BS, JIS)
  • Non-standard gaskets dimensions, shapes, drilling patterns available on request
  • Multiple gasket material grades, thicknesses etc depending on service conditions


CREON UK can provide fixings, nuts, bolts and washers to accompany joints with flanged connections, be it for standard circular flanges standards (EN1092-1 PN series, ANSI/ASA, BS, JIS) or bespoke non-standard requirements.

Available in steel and stainless steel grades

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