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Our business is all about flexibility, but that’s not just in our range of expansion joints, bellows and compensators. Providing a flexible and service driven approach to our customer’s requirements is at the very heart of everything that we are, it’s just how we do things…

CREON UK may be a relatively new entrant to the UK market in the manufacture and supply of metallic expansion joints, metal bellows, PTFE expansion joints, rubber bellows, fabric compensators and metallic and composite flexible hose assemblies, but we’re built on sound foundations that have been providing outstanding customer service and the very highest quality products for many years, in fact since the formation of our subsidiary company Creon BV in Merchtem, Belgium in 1984. 

So why should we hope that you’ll do CREON UK the privilege of giving us the opportunity to look at your expansion joint and flexible hose requirements…

Standard and Bespoke Products and Engineering Solutions…

Be your requirement for a one-off relatively simple expansion joint, flexible hose assembly or compensator, or for a major engineering project requiring our extensive design and project delivery experience, or indeed anything in between, we’re here to assist and to provide the very fastest possible response with a value engineered solution delivered in a timely manner, every time.


Fast response to enquiries with clear, detailed quotations and GA drawings.

Quickest lead times and an absolute commitment to achieve agreed delivery dates, no exceptions.


We carry over 2.5 Million Pounds worth of metal expansion joint membranes, rubber bellows and flexible hose materials in-stock, so there’s every chance we have exactly the right raw material elements in stock to meet your requirements, which in turn keeps manufacturing lead times to an absolute minimum in urgent delivery scenarios.


A focus on the very highest quality standards to not just meet, but to exceed our customer’s expectations will always be at the centre of everything that we do.

CREON UK already carries not only an ISO 9001 certified quality system but is also certified to provide expansion joints and compensators in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive groups I, II, III and IV.

Experience, Reliability, Innovation

Decades of experience and an innovative approach in providing both replacement and original equipment from initial design, through to manufacture and full in-house testing facilities.

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