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Fabric Compensators

Fabric Compensators are commonly used across a multitude of low-pressure industrial applications to both connect and provide flexibility in pipework, ducting, exhaust and flue systems. As the name would suggest, these joints are used to compensate for thermal expansion due to changes in temperature, to take up misalignment, and to protect plant and equipment through absorption of acoustic and mechanical vibration. 

To cater for the ever-increasing demands that new and more intensive industrial processes place on fabric compensators, CREON UK is constantly innovating through years of experience and our in-house engineering team. Utilising modern material developments along with tried and trusted design and construction technology, CREON UK can provide a solution for both new and replacement fabric compensators even in the harshest of environments.

Fabric Compensator Size and Shape Profiles

Size and shape unrestricted, to suit requirements


Axial and lateral directions, as well as torsion and angular rotation.

Typical Applications

  • Low-Pressure Pipework installations
  • Flue Gas
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Gas Turbines
  • Ducting
  • Fans & blowers
  • Ventilation
  • Misalignment in pipework and ducting
  • Air, Process Gasses, Corrosive Environments

Fabric Compensator Construction

Depending on the application a mixture of the following materials may be selected: High quality plastics, elastomers, asbestos-free fabrics (coated for some applications), ceramics, fibre glass, silicate and glass fabric, internal and external steelwork, flanges etc can be provided in carbon and stainless steel and to suit any terminations.

Joints manufactured as single or multi-layer construction.

Internal Sleeves/Reinforcement is recommended for applications with significant flow rates (above ~20 metres/second) and where abrasive or corrosive media are in service.

Mountings/Connection Options

Typically offered in carbon or stainless steel, other materials available subject to application

  • Mounting Straps (Design type B1)

- Generally only used on circular joints, depending on the application there may be a need to use more than one strap.

- Temperature range ~ -60 to 450 Degrees C

- Maximum Pressure Rating 200mbar


  • Mounting or ‘backing’ flanges (Design Type B2 and B3)

- Supplied with smooth internal and external edges to avoid damage to the joint materials

- Can be supplied in any shape

- Temperature Range -60 to 600 Degrees C

- Maximum Pressure Rating 500mbar


  • Clamp Frames (supplied either pre-drilled for bolting or plain for use with clamps)

- Temperature Range ~ -60 to 1200 Degrees C, note that when operating at temperatures in excess of 600 Degrees C joints will require internal ‘pre-insulation’, or bolsters, which reduce excessive temperatures and corrosive flow media contact with the compensator materials.

- Maximum Pressure Rating 500mbar

Insulation of Fabric Compensators

  • External Insulation (see figures B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 below)

    In principle, fabric compensators should not be insulated on external surfaces. Any insulation of the adjacent pipework, ducting etc should leave sufficient clearance around the joint to allow unhindered movement of the joint and for heat loss through the compensator.

  • Internal Insulation

    Internal insulation, often referred to as a bolster, is recommended to shield the compensator materials from elevated temperatures and corrosive flow media.

    Internal insulation is constructed and fixed to the compensator in such a way as to allow unhindered movement of the joint while returning to its neutral position once movements have taken place.

Construction form B1, band shape
Construction form B4 and B5, band shape
Construction form B2 and B3


Backing Flanges
Mating Flanges
Chanel Flanges
Clamping Frames
Seals and Gaskets
Closing or Joining Kits (for Compensators that have been supplied ‘open’ for closing on site during installation)

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